Taiwan Ferris Wheel Competition

7:30 PM

The Taichung City Government has organized a competition to provide a new landmark for Taiwan hosting a museum of the city, the offices for the department of urban planning and an environmental quality monitoring station.
Our proposal crosses the legitimate intention of the authorities to provide a landmark with the added value of incorporating a social and economical activator which has proved its validity in the cities of London and Singapore: a large observational wheel that provides an unforgettable experience for the visitors of the city

The height of the wheel would allow a generous view of the Strait of Taiwan, above the Dadu Mountain, which is 300 m. tall. The dimensions of the wheel would place the Crown of Taiwan first in the race of observation wheels of the world, followed by the Singapore Flyer and the London Eye.
In contrast with other wheels, the Crown of Taiwan has a fixed steel and concrete structure that allows the placement of an elevated structure which holds an auditorium, a terrace, restaurants and bars and the possibility of experiencing an even higher position to observe the landscape. This happens thanks to a series of observational lifts that provide the visitors with an experience of floating in the void.

Source Via Justforsharing

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