Facebook Messenger Can Do More Than Just Text Messages

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Facebook Messenger mobile users can also send voice messages.  The key feature is that it allows the user to send voice messages without using their voice minutes.  Facebook has made the process simple.  In order to send a message, you can simply tap the “+” button.  After that, hold down the red Record button, and leave your message.  When you are ready to send, release the button when you are done.  If you want to redo or cancel the recorded message, you can slide your finger off the button.  Messages are limited to only 60 seconds

Beyond the recorded message option, iPhone users are able to use Facebook’s mobile app to make voice calls.  In order to make a call, you can simply tap the “I” button in the app.  After that, simply touch “Free Call” in the updated app, in order to call a contact.

Rather than using voice minutes, it uses already existing data plans, both to record messages and make calls.  This new feature may be especially attractive to users who have made the switch to mobile plans with unlimited data but less call time.

The feature is currently only available to users in Canada.  If successful, it will be a way for Facebook to compete with already existing services that allow users to make voice calls or video chat for free, such as Skype or Google Voice.  As more and more people use Facebook, and use it for longer than other web applications, it makes sense to offer more functions to users. 

Facebook has also taken steps to make these services available to other possible users.  For example, Android Messenger users can now log in without a Facebook account, instead using only a name and phone number in order to download the app.  All of these new offerings eliminate barriers to access and add incentives for users to stay in the application longer.

Sources Via Techtogeekz.com

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