How To Unlock Your Iphone 4 And 4s

8:20 PM
If you are looking to unlock iPhone 4, or unlock iPhone 4S, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will explain how one can unlock his/her iPhone and get rid of the carrier boundness. After unlocking your iPhone, you will be able to use any sim card in it, anywhere in the world!

What is unlocking an iPhone?
If you buy an iPhone on contract such as At&t, Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange etc, it will be limited to that carrier’s sim card only. You won’t be able to make or receive calls if you travel to some other country. To use your phone in other countries, you will have to unlock it.

Which is the best method to unlock iPhone 4 , 4S or even iPhone 5?

There are many methods out there to unlock your iphone 4, 4s, 5 but the best method is factory unlock or it is also called IMEI unlocking where your devices’ IMEI is officially registered on Apple’s servers and you get your phone unlocked for the whole life. So factory unlock iPhone 4 can only be achieved using this method.

Here are some other methods of unlocking an iphone

Sam method:

This method has been deprecated. It no longer works. When it worked, it was the best method to unlock any iPhone.


Ultrasn0w is a Cydia package which can unlock some limited basebands. Since we are talking about iPhone 4 in this article, ultrasn0w can ONLY unlock iPhone 4 with baseband 1.59.00.

Gevey Sim:

Very popular but not recommended method. Gevey sim is also known as hardware unlocking. You have to put a small transistor (which is called gevey sim) beneath your sim card. Then you have to do some procedure to get signals on your phone.
So the moral of the story is, if you want to unlock your iPhone 4, 4S or iPhone 5, simply go for imei unlocking service and get rid of all the hurdles.

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  1. Nice share... I would like to share my experience in this. There are many methods available to unlock Iphones. Among those i have used remote unlocking service to unlock my Iphone 4 from its network lock. I got the service from the site ,and i have unlocked it using step by step unlocking instructions which is given in the site itself.



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